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«Dengi Online» started its march at 2006. Through these years we created a handful of products that meet all the e-commerce needs of site projects, internet shops, web games and other services.

Do you want to sell services and goods? Do you want to earn of your game or useful service? Do you represent some charity fund? «Dengi Online» offers to process the payments for you. Easy integration, plain contract, reasonable fees, unified integration for more than 70 payment methods, 100% legal for the various jurisdiction cases of the legal entity you represent. All those things clear and simple as we're doing it for about 10 years.

Are you into doing lotteries and drawing? Into the betting business? Into the Forex markets? Outsourcing some job to freelancers? We offer you our mass-payment service! Fast payouts to plastic cards, e-wallets, money transfer systems - all of them are available to you via unified, fast and easy integration. Simple. Easy.

Our solution for payment systems: the unified service providers gateway. You vastly increase your area of coverage upon integration as well as get service providers from all over the world to be paid to.

Do you have any other e-commerce need? Maybe loyalty program? Anything else? Address your inquires to our Sales Dept.

Our mission is clear and simple. We let you do your thing. We see to your payments to happen.

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