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Technical support

There's a FAQ section. If your problem is not listed below, please go to Merchant's Personal Account and issue a technical ticket.

The notifications on successfull payments are missing

Do the following:

  • Look up the payment transaction id in your Personal Account interface
  • Add the e-mail you expect to get notifications to
  • Contact our with these data
Error: "Invalid character nickname"

That means your project does not answer the check request in accordance with documentation, the answer should be:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
What does "processing" and "attention" payment statuses mean

Status "processing" indicates that the payment has not been processed yet or delayed for technical reasons.

Status "attention" indicated the technical error has taken place while processing the payment. Please contact our with the following data: your project id, payment id and payment date.

In the test mode the payment has status "paid" but the money never arrived.

That's why it is a test mode.